"Theory for opticians" and "Glasses in the service of a good sight"

We hereby inform you that we printed the first book-textbook entitled "Theory for opticians" by Mr. Siniša Pašćan. The knowledge gained through a 35-year working experience, the author has transferred this unique textbook is intended for all but a fait opticians as a good reminder especially to those who want to deal with optician call.

The book is designed and tailored to each individual, by incorporating it in the best way all the secrets of the exact sciences. In fact, in his experience the author of the book covered everything has felt it necessary to know the title of a prominent expert - opticians.

In this context it should be noted that included in the field of ophthalmology, optics, optical instruments, contactology, and materials technology. Without going deep into the math in these areas by Mr. Sinisa Pašćan in his book "Theory for opticians" singled out only what is necessary and knowledge that is needed in daily communication with patients. If you are interested and have a need for such a unique textbook that will in anyway help educate and expand your knowledge.

Glasses in the service of a good sight

Intention of the authors of the book-manual „Glasses in the service of a good sight“ to penetrate to every individual and every household because "this book will enable you to in turn do the maximum for your eyes and good vision.

FIRST TIME IN OUR COUNTRY appeared guide-book called „Glasses in the service of a good sight“ by Mr. Siniša Pašćan, opticians whose knowledge and over three decades of practice offered to those who wear or should not wear glasses. The author is his expertise and advice customized and the greatest skeptics to themselves so much that wearing glasses is as comfortable and pleasant as a better and sharper vision. Everything you did not know and you wanted How and in what way to wear and maintain your glasses, what is it that can bother you while wearing them, and what to do to make you happy with your glasses, you will find in this book. These rules and tips to help all people in the world because the rules for wearing glasses everywhere the same, and the information and advice given in this book is even more important.

In your daily work books can be ordered by telephone at the numbers: +381(0)63/340-856, +381(0)22/471-696, +381(0)21/520-204, +381(0)21/6-419-472, office@optikapascan.com by email or in writing to: Sinisa Pašćan, Banovic Strahinje no. 20, 21000 Novi Sad.