What does the title "Optician" means?

Optometrist the title of the fifth degree specialist expertise to improve the knowledge and skills to check and correction of the optical apparatus for acquiring knowledge of eye anomalies that are closely related to eye aids, glasses and lenses. Optics school "PAŠĆAN" is the first in this area that qualifies candidates for this prestigious title. For educational profile as a special interest optometrists trained opticians showed that more than three years working in the shop. Optical school "PAŠĆAN" educate the second generation optician optometrist. Enrollment opportunities for opticians optometrists vary by type of degree of expertise that the candidate already has and the length of service to the business of opticians.

Ophthalmology, as one of the significant medical branch that deals with diseases of the eye especially when it comes to the study of vision, can not be alone without the help of an optician to achieve his ultimate goal, and that is high quality and acuity of each patient.

This humain and interesting science that is. craft, requiring a complete person, especially when it comes to health as is the case in this area. Optician is an interesting, dynamic and involves daily contact with people, making optical aids or glasses, and by doing that preservation of sight of each patient.

Feeling through your work you can make and also help people is almost unique, and that is something that this profession out of many others and puts it in a very high place among respectable profession, which again reflects the very authority of each opticians, who are highly respected throughout the world.

Optician, and the profession itself a long hand that medicin - ophthalmology, your job done in a white coat, he says that he is working in an environment that resembles a medical facility, on which, after all, resemble optician.

Tools used by opticians is very easy and does not require great physical effort and it is now up to the job largely performed and a good portion of the female population. Optician means moral and financial responsibility in every respect, then the sense of aesthetics, a sense of creativity and talent as a design.

In addition, the optician must be a good psychologist, as daily communication with the people demands it. For a successful and superior optical quality work, are essential factors such as knowledge, patience and concentration.

To all this you - you need to finish the four-year technical school, which would give the title and knowledge with its top experts with extensive experience in this profession.

If you like clean, easy physical, human, interesting and profitable business that has a perspective and future, this is the right call for you!