Educational Center

The First Private Optical School "PAŠĆAN", located in Novi Sad, has started drafting its eight generation of expert studies both regular and part-time students to become optician-mechanics, optician-technicians and optometrists..

In addition to this program, the school offers retraining other finished profiles for the position of the optical tests from the regular and professional courses planned for this kind of education.

As part of the regular curriculum, the school will mostly focus on practice that will be carried by all international standards and criteria, because the goal of the effort of the owner and teacher, who is well known and respected optician and outside this country. Sinisa Pašćan to each student following the appointment optical technician is also recognized and sought after not only in optic shops in our region, but also beyond the borders in other highly developed countries of Europe and the world.

Acquiring the necessary high knowledge and practice, will be made not only within the school but a good part of the existing optic shops owner optics "Pašćan" in Novi Sad.

This will very much affect the fast learning of practical training with a view to after school every newly optician could immediately call a professional to deal with this.

If this tendency in education is justified is confirmed by the fact that the owner and teacher of practical training Mr. Sinisa Pašćan has a well developed business relationships with foreign partners in many European countries, which will certainly be in favor of establishing contacts and exchanging knowledge and our and foreign students. This will be done by visits of our students in the most famous European factories for the production of optical frames and glass, so that in this way complement their knowledge of optics in general.

For eight-generation students in the first year, the school has provided free books and welcome excursion, which includes a one-day gathering at one of our interesting local destinations, all with the aim of better understanding and realizing you get closer to the students.

High quality professional trained staff from all scheduled items on the program of education by the Ministry of Education of Serbia guarantees the acquisition of required knowledge and good interpersonal cooperation between, teacher, student, parent.