Mr. Siniša Pašćan - founder of School

Mr. Siniša Pašćan was born on 14 December in 1955. in Novi Sad. First contact with the knowledge and craft optician when he was barely 15 years old. Then he went and, as one of the most successful in the class, finished his education at the famous school for opticians Getaldic "Ruder Boskovic" Institute in Zagreb.

Optician profession chose the way of life and Sinisa Pašćan on her fully devoted as they are vitally connected. Since the profession is still alive. Footsteps are followed and his entire family - wife and two children. Optics trade has become the family business traditions and trademark. Sinisa Pašćan today is committed to his own company, "Optics Pašćan" primarily in Novi Sad, where he owns three modern equipped shop. His first shop, however, opened in Ruma where known and where people love to visit it.

And the optics for Siniša Pašćan traditions and trademark, is the fact that he deals with thirty-nine years, of which thirty-year career. Most of that time, about fifteen years, he spent gaining routine and discovering the charms of optics in the "civil service" in Ghetaldus. After that, until now, and will be in the future, using his knowledge to create his own company, giving it a distinctive sign. "Optics Pašćan" is well known not only in Serbia but also outside of it, and its founder and owner Sinisa Pašćan.

Zahvaljujući profesionalizmu, pregalaštvu i savesnom radu tokom minulih godina, uspostavio je mnogobrojne poslovne kontakte sa vlasnicima najpoznatijih italijanskih proizvođača dioptrijskih okvira, sunčanih naočara kao i optičkih stakala. Zato i ne čudi što se u optici Pašćan pod povoljnim uslovima i u svakom času, prema zahtevu mnogobrojnih korisnika njihovih usluga, mogu naći najkvalitetniji artikli, koji se mogu nabaviti na najekskluzivnijim mestima u Evropi.

During the years of hard work in this craft woven all his knowledge, love and skill, resulting in a high place among opticians Optics Pašćan first in Vojvodina, and then in the whole of Serbia. Recognition and respect the trust of his colleagues who elected him as president of the Opticians Association of Vojvodina. At the same time he became a member of the Executive Board of the Association of Serbian Opticians. The first founder and first elected President of the Association of Opticians of Vojvodina since 2000. year to date remains in office.

In addition to his professional work, Sinisa Pašćan to engage in other activities, which also recorded good results. Longer period was an amateur sport. He was a goalkeeper in the then newly formed and now known and recognized football club of Rumah. It is interesting that played its first official game for the club, and so into the history of the club. Love for painting was born at an early age and continues to this day. Sinisa Pašćan the 2006th he became a member of the Association of Artists of Srem, respectively Ruma artists colony. Within the association has had four joint exhibitions, two of Rumi, and one in Zrenjanin and Sabac. He illustrated three books of poetry and the writer of Srem, prof. Djuro Scheffer.

Very important roles in affirmation optical profession and craft is the citizens and users of optical services. In addition to a comprehensive zeal and commitment of the whole of his career to Sinisa paid educational work.

Flexibility, agility and adventurous spirit, came up with another Sinisa talent, writing fiction. That is how the novel "An American in Belgrade," which was published in March, 2007. year. In March 2012th year, there will be book called "Don Juan", which at the same time a continuation of the book "An American in Belgrade." Sinisa Pašćan expresses a great love for travel. It can be said that it is decorated cosmopolitan spirit. Sinisa within his journeys, he visited all the continents where he met different cultures and people. Travels have stemmed from the need for a break from work but Sinisa were used to meet more people and build themselves into the whole personality.

In his spare time, Sinisa writer and columnist, so that the appearance of the most exclusive travel magazines "COLUMBO," which appears in all the former Yugoslav republics, Sinisa generously shared their experiences with the various trips.

In addition to all this, Sinisa engage in with many radio and TV programs in the field of optics. And through articles in the field of optics approaching their work to the general public. Sinisa is the founder of the first school magazine optical "Pašćan" called "My profession." For many years in newspaper newspaper "Dnevnik", "MAGIYAR JOU" (Magyar SOU), "Beauty and Health" and "RU-7" Sinisa signed articles on optics.

One of the aspects of creativity are Sinisa Pašćan and lyrics for the songs, some of which are one of the last - "Novi Sad". You can listen to a song on our Youtube channel..

As a logical continuation of this result and inpresivnog engaging in the profession, has come the opening of The First Private Optical School "Pašćan." Since the establishment of the school of the last four generations of students from all parts of the former Yugoslavia and other parts of Europe. This is not surprising because his whole life is dedicated to honest, quality and diligent work. Sinisa its authority built on quality and knowledge, professional and correct attitude toward people with whom they work. He stayed true to his life commitment to continuously educate, improve and strive in life and profession. Among other things Sinisa regularly visiting the most prestigious fairs optics such as Milan "Mido" and Paris "SILMO."