Optician Optometrist

Optometrist the title of the fifth degree specialist expertise to improve the knowledge and skills to check and correction of the optical apparatus for acquiring knowledge of eye anomalies that are closely related to eye aids, glasses and lenses. Optical School "PAŠĆAN" is the first in this area that qualifies candidates for this prestigious title. For educational profile as a special interest optometrists trained opticians showed that more than three years working in the shop. Optical school "PAŠĆAN" educate the second generation optician optometrist. Enrollment opportunities for opticians optometrists vary by type of degree of expertise that the candidate already has and the length of service to the business of opticians.

There are several ways to enter the Optical and Optometry School "PAŠĆAN." The advantage of enrollment given to candidates who have a degree optician third or fourth grade. They pay tuition and listening to lectures can sit the exam specializing in optometry. If a candidate does not have a degree optician taken an extra five or seven exams at the beginning of specialization.

Special benefits we pay for those in Optical School "PAŠĆAN" want to finish and for opticians and optometrists have a diploma of secondary school. So make a continuity of education in our institution - to retrain the optician builds specialization in optometry.

As with other forms of part-time education, paid registration fees, and the remainder of tuition in full or in installments. Payment in full discount is 10%. The price includes use of all required textbooks from the school library, consultation with teachers and preparatory classes for taking emergency exam and outs of all the exam.

Optometry course subjects are: Anatomy, Optometry, Contactology and Practical course.

The lectures are held in well equipped classrooms cabinets with dual-viewer and video projector, as well as the newest equipment provided for the work in optometry.