Don Huan - 2nd part of the book "An American in Belgrade"

This book introduces the reader into the life of an elite night club in Belgrade. Life is composed of intrigue, lies and intrigue, disguised gleaming neon lights of night bars, hidden behind expensive drinks and makeup, silicon, "angry" cars and glamor.

The main character, an American, Michael, succeeds in its intention to open a nightclub, "Don Juan" and quickly turn it into the most famous shop of its kind in Belgrade. During the celebration of the anniversary of the club, we come to the most famous stars of show business.

But what happens if the former security chief of security, surrounded by characters with criminal records and dubious past of which the most mysterious just Michael? The answer you will find if you read this interesting novel ...

Mr. Pašćan once more in a unique and very interesting way, through many characters describes a world of corruption, lies, crime and violence, but on the other hand shows an ordinary family in extraordinary times in Serbia, referring to the true values ​​in life.

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