Practice for Opticians 1 and 2 - UNIQUE books in the world!

The book "The practice of opticians 1" is a unique book-manual of this type in the region. It is intended for all future opticians, optician students of the first private school "PAŠĆAN" and those who have this title have already gained a good reminder of some types of repairs of spectacles that may in practice have not been able to do often.

At the beginning of the book describes the optician's shop and how to look and what they should have. The book is written in an easy and understandable style, accessible to every layman who has a need or affinity optics profession. With easily understandable explanation of different types of parts and glasses, or the adjustable settings of the same, as well as initial work exercises are illustrated with up to 470 photos, each a novice can lay in a quick and easy way to penetrate the secrets of craft is.

In this book, the focus is primarily given to the types of protective eyewear by prescription, and repair of all types of glasses, including the replacement or repair of the same. In addition, we provide explanations of all types and replace pedals for glasses, all kinds of replacement blades for glasses or ear, file types and manner of filing of certain parts of the glasses, all kinds of screwdrivers for eyeglasses, types and repairs tj.zameni hinge, types of pliers, different types of drills and burgijica. In a very understandable manner described working operations Soldering metal frames and components, method of measurement and control, protection, and electroplating different colors of damaged parts of the frame after Soldering, color plating and polishing process with different types of floor pads and polishing pastes prescription frames and fixing broken plastic frame.

Very comprehensive and understandable describes how to manually create the template of stiffer paper and plastic. Making cardboard for tracing the lens, the different types of screws and removing the same method on a plastic or metal frame. Given information on the types najčćešćim burgijica used in optics field, as well as different types of resources for lepljenjue šrafića on metal frames. These are the different types of waterproof markers and way markings lenses with them. At the end of the book gives detailed content of the book with loose pages liny of lines for writing and taking notes of interesting articles or needed during learning. Two reviews of recognized and qualified experts kjnizi this as significant.

The practice of opticians 2

The book "The practice of opticians 2" is intended for future optometrists, opticians students first private school "PAŠĆAN" and all interested candidates, who, as laymen and beginners optic shops want to make the best, most correct and most efficient manner acquire knowledge optical technician. That's all I can do and how with the help of this unique book-manual in which the simplest and most affordable way to describe all work operations that are necessary for the optical technician in the shop. In fact, throughout the book as an optometrist from the beginning becomes aware of how and with what measure pupillary distance of the patient, prescription reading glasses, the initial exercise break glass with and without the specified measures, power drum type and method of measurement of spherical and cylindrical lenses on them.

A significant part of the book is a description and method of calculating spheroidal toric and crossed cylinders with the given examples in different combinations. Also described is a method of cutting mineral and plastic prescription lenses. The paper describes the operation of hand tools for grinding lenses, making protective fazete, different types ventileta or hair dryer to heat plastic frame, hand grinding of spherical and cylindrical lenses, correcting common errors during drilling, installation of faceted lens of plastic and metal frame.

We have presented the concept as well as marking aspheric, bifocal and multifocal lenses, as well as their installation. Also detailing the lenticular lens and lentiluks and mode of installation. Explained the procedure of machine-made templates, as well as work on automatic or digital machines for grinding lenses. The book abounds with 430 high-quality photographs with clear and understandable text greatly help the reader to quickly and easily understand all of these sampling operation in this book.

With a good explanation given schema and map centering of multifocal lenses. The book describes in detail the way rototillings lenses and their installation, and the method of drilling lenses and their assembly. In addition, the book provides examples of setting prism foil mounted on prescription in the correction of strabismus, and installation Press it for bifocals. Are given different types of children's frames okludera during correction of strabismus. There is also a description of the set of prescription lenses in the multi-purpose glasses, for example. swimming, etc..

The Book describes the way of coloring lenses in different gradations as well as the part that relates to contact lenses and cosmetics for the same. A significant part of the book consists of advice from the Arts website, referring to the editing window and the shop, working with patients and the most common complaints that occur when wearing glasses ready taken by opticians tehničara.Na of the book is a detailed contents of the book, which greatly helps the reader to quickly and easily choose the reading that interests him. The book also boasts three reviews, different types of profiles of experts that the book gives particular importance.

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Mr. Siniša Pašćan, Author